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Entry #3

Chained Up

2007-10-16 03:31:45 by TehKillah

Hey guys, I thank all of you who watched and voted on my stick tutorial.
I also announce that I always have more than one movies under production, so I keep switching on and off but eventually they will all be done.
I have currently set my focus on a movie called chained up.

Little Screen peek here,

Chained Up


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2007-10-17 22:31:19

Oh yeah...

I'm looking forward to that featurette!

Mint tuts!


2007-10-24 21:19:46

looks freakin sweet already,nice work


2007-11-09 16:23:39

Looks pretty huge. How long do you think it will take?


2007-11-11 10:04:00

Nice graphics. I hope the quality of the screenshot will remain all trough the movie. Good luck. And one thing, how do you keep inspired and motivated? That s my only problem when I animate.


2007-12-02 22:21:43

that tutorial was so good I faved it man.


2007-12-10 05:10:01

hell yeah thats what i need...loved ur tutorial :)


2008-01-14 18:52:15

lol, you got that gas spray thing from a madness sprite sheet, huh?


2008-01-19 12:40:54

Schweet my son.

Dunno why but this reminds me of the castle series.


2008-02-16 18:47:03

cool,on th stick tut. how do i make the hair with the random line?


2008-03-20 04:13:13

i think you should shove your fucking finger up your ass you black maori...only fucking new zealanders are fucking maoris fucking fuck fuckness. Noh its henry man lol, im pro i got broudband now!!!


2008-03-29 12:31:11

how do you get weapons?


2008-03-29 22:47:59

wtf , do u even come on newgrounds anymore.. This was psoted october 16, 2007 and i aint seen nothing From you Recently How bout Replying to some1 Recently and let me/them your still here.....


2008-04-30 18:26:56

Stick figures fucking suck!!

All they prove is that the artist of the Flash was too goddamn lazy to create and draw an actual human.


2008-07-06 05:39:04

lol you almost have my newgrounds name


2009-05-08 02:16:52

that chained up look awesome!
but it 2009 dude and this post is 2007!
what r u doing??


2009-09-02 23:31:40

looks sick, but whats on his face?? is he blushing???


2009-10-07 20:33:22

Are you dead?


2010-12-14 01:34:24

im newbie can u teach me how to make flash submission tell me what u use photo shop or other if other give me the link i will download it


2011-06-11 02:51:27

dude what do u go on to make some animez an stuff ??


2017-02-11 18:21:28

Are you ded or wat m8?