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Chained Up

2007-10-16 03:31:45 by TehKillah

Hey guys, I thank all of you who watched and voted on my stick tutorial.
I also announce that I always have more than one movies under production, so I keep switching on and off but eventually they will all be done.
I have currently set my focus on a movie called chained up.

Little Screen peek here,

Chained Up

Gore and More Collab ^ ^

2007-09-10 02:18:38 by TehKillah

Everyone be on the look out for the 'Gore and More' Collab, including myself it will have entries from the great Terkoiz and Master_Samus!!!!

The Collab is hosted by Natural Disaster
It will rock :D

Upcoming Movie

2007-09-08 06:24:54 by TehKillah

Me and The-Claww are currently working on a new movie, looking good so far but haven't thought of a name yet though.
Alright plot and stuff, based on Hard out war and fighting and blood and shit. If you like that stuff, you should like the movie. Not to sure when it will come out but hopefully everyone will enjoy it.

(except for the people who bitch about everything) :D

Upcoming Movie